On paper, Moths might sound like an unlikely combination: Singer Chris Sheehan has hitherto been sledging down more acoustic hills as a solo artist and one half of critically acclaimed folk duo The Bench Connection; and Mark E Brydon is best known for being the founder member and musical machine behind electronic/pop pioneers Moloko.

The Moths album is a triumphant, eclectic coming together of the two styles: rich with harmonies, and donning an analogue waistcoat, while pulsating with an electronic core. It is a visceral mixture of the dark and bleak; and of the upbeat and uplifting. Rocks for the landslide and cough medicine for the soul. It is a marriage of analogue and digital; metal brains and fleshy northern hearts. Karousel Music publishes Chris Sheehan's writer share in the record. Mark's share is with Chrysalis/BMG. If you're interested in using a song from 'Moths' please contact

Moths - Seacoal from Tom Stoddart on Vimeo.

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