Pat Dam Smyth – The Great Divide

Every now and then, we music fans get extremely excited about an artist who is sat on a couple of wonderful records, that some journalist or other uncovers, and that the world has inexplicably missed - most recently Bill Fay or Matt Deighton spring to mind. Usually there's some dark backstory to go with it, or a tale of evil labels or managers, or a tragic loss of heart. When we were given Pat's record 'The Great Divide' and had a look at a few promo photos that came with it, we thought we'd found another lost classic artist - that in itself would have been exciting. But, you see, it gets better than that. It turns out, he's at it right now, today: recording, writing, gigging.

The vinyl release of the album is imminent with our friends at Plane Groovy, on deliciously heavyweight green vinyl. A cult hero in his native Northern Ireland, Pat is a writer of class, honesty and gravitas with hints of everything good from Beck to Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen to The Black Keys. There's the worldliness of George Harrison, and the emotional depth of 'Queen of Denmark'-era John Grant. Pat is the kind of artist you could imagine Bukowski listening to if he were in his early thirties today: raw, gutsy, honest and to the point. We're incredibly proud to represent Pat co-writer on the new record, plus drummer and producer Chris McComish.

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