Penny Police – The Broken, The Beggar, The Thief

The first full length LP from Penny Police, the album is a majestic exhibition of Marie Fjeldsted's songwriting and recording craft. The finest of Nordic Noir meets melodic pop: a lantern beneath a dark veil. Marie is a songwriter and singer so steeped in beauty, warmth and humanity you feel like she wrote the whole thing because she was worried about you. And she probably was.

We first came across Marie Fjeldsted and her project Penny Police in a dark, murky venue in Hamburg at the Reeperbahn festival. When Karousel's Chris found himself getting all teary in the first chorus of 'I do Care' (Sink Or Sail EP), we knew we'd found something special; and when Marie and her producer Kaspar came to London to do our packed Soho show, and a rammed Wood Green in Karamel, it was pure joy watching people's reaction to her. From the opening hum and crackle of the Wurly on 'Save Me A Coin' she had the room.

Initially it's impossible to believe English isn't her native tongue; but maybe it's that distance that allows her to drop lines in that say so much, so simply. Her voice, like her lyrics, are full of a empathetic wisdom that it's impossible not to fall in love with.

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