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Reeperbahn Festival 2017 – The Electric Karousel | Karousel Music x SESAC x HMUK | Friday September 22nd

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REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL 2017 Karousel Music, SESAC & Help Musicians UK present, in association with LGM Records and Leaf Grow… More on the partners and on the networking in a coming post, but for now the showcase… /// THE ELECTRIC KAROUSEL /// ALARM! We’re so happy to announce that we’re back in the Hamburg Hood, down […]



Christmas Social, Knees up & Swapshop with the FAC and HMUK | Thursday 3pm | Soho

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Our friends over at the FAC and Help Musicians UK, and us here at Karousel, have all had a cracking idea: why don’t we all have a pre christmas afternoon get together for musicians, artists and studio dwellers? No gig, no industry, no stress – just a load of like minded souls catching up and […]



Reeperbahn 2016 – The Electric Karousel II – KM x HMUK x SESAC

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headCRASH | Hamburger Berg 13 | 20359 Hamburg | Germany This coming September (Friday 23rd) we’re back in Hamburg for the sequel to last year’s Reeperbahn showcase. This year, we’re teaming up as ever with our great friends at US giants SESAC; and we’re also delighted to say we’re being joined by the UK’s largest […]



The Alternative Escape – Karousel Music x Help Musicians UK

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On May 19th we’re teaming up with Help Musicians UK for our stage at the Alt Escape, at the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton. All the acts have been recipients of funding from HMUK, and while it’s a showcase festival where slots are akin to hen’s teeth, the charity are paying each and every performer £150.50 per […]



Music Industry Speed Meetings and Networking event at The Phoenix Artist Club

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Monday 19th May is our latest speed meetings, networking and showcase evening in Soho at the Phoenix Artist Club. Linked below is the PDF invite – have a look through and once you’ve decided who to book in with, fire an email to networking@karouselmusic.com and we’ll get you all scheduled up. It’s a first come, […]

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