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Simon Edwards
Bass, Songwriting, Backing Tracks, Producer, Sound Engineer - Studio, Recording, Misc Keyboards
Michael Jackson, Talk Talk, David Gray, Billy Bragg, Peggy Seeger, Kirsty MacColl, Black, The Fast Show… click through to profile for extensive list...
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A founder member of internationally number 1 selling band Fairground Attraction, Simon Edwards then went on to record and tour with many diverse artists and bands such as (and this is just a selection):

Talk Talk

Michael Jackson

Kirsty MacColl

David Gray

Peggy Seeger

Billy Bragg

Loreena McKennit

French legends

Alain Baschung

Juliet Greco

He has written and produced work for theatre and broadcast and 2012 saw the release of a highly critically acclaimed collaboration with Kathryn Williams entitled The Pond. Oh yes, and most credibly was 'Clam' the bass player in The Fast Show's jazz Club……Mmmmm Nice.

(We're particularly excited that Simon played on Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock! – Ed)

For a full list of Simon's credits, go to

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United Kingdom

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