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Doug Digs – Level 1

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Welcome to Doug’s new talent-scouting-sniffer-dog-blog ‘Doug Digs’… where he’ll be doing the heavy digging for you once a month… revealing bands the mainstream hasn’t found yet like, truffles in the e-forest. If you’d like to tip us off about a great act we should be shouting about, email doug@karouselmusic.com ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ///Doug Digs/// – Level 1 […]



Milk & Honey this tuesday…

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For those of you that didn’t make our first Milk & Honey night last month, here’s the deal: It’s a more full band type show championing the slightly sharper edges than the songwriter nights do. The entry policy is slightly different too, but with the same ethos – to give the artists a great show, […]

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