Karousel Music CIC is a London based music industry hub promoting collaboration amongst artists, songwriters, musicians and industry, fighting to put good souls around great independent artists. We have a boutique publishing roster in partnership with Wixen Music UK, a small artist management roster and a record label dedicated to shining a light on seemingly hidden artists with magnificent catalogue – Karousel Buried Treasure.

All the artists we work with retain ownership of their works on rolling one year deals where we administer those rights and build towards them maximising their income, growing their fanbase and building an industry team.

Founded in 2011 as a response to the pay-to-play scourge in London, we began with fan and industry showcase nights, and as of 2021 we have given 487 showcase slots in front of fans and industry where the artists keep 100% of the proceeds. For the last 7 years we have run our showcases with SESAC at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney, as well as various special events at the Phoenix Artist Club, Soho. Currently we are also partnered with the MMF for our showcase events for the networking portion of the show.

We are passionate members of the MMF and encourage all managers or self managing artists to join. We are also proud to be members of AIM. Since 2014 we have hosted the industry’s favourite quiz night/social – the MusicBiz Speed Quiz #QuizWAR pitting a host of labels, managers, publishers, agents, trade and funding bodies, PR’s, pluggers, DSP’s, distributors and venues in a fastest-fingers-on-the-buzzers brutal slug out for the fabled #IvorQuizello Award. In addition to this we run various Industry ‘Speed Dating’ events helping artists and aspiring industry connect with those at the top of their game who are minded to help people find their way into the business.

We believe that everything starts with great songwriting. There are some wonderful human beings in the independent music industry who love and care for musicians and songwriters more than anything else in the world. Many of them were artists or musicians, and many couldn’t play a note and love those who can all the more for it. We’re here to help you find those people, to help fans find those artists that are buried beneath the sand and to bring like minded souls together to demystify how the music business really works. A bedroll and campfire of the soul for great artists, songwriters, musicians and independent music industry professionals both UK based and beyond.