Karousel Music is a London based collective of musicians, songwriters and music industry professionals. We are registered Community Interest Company number 8940475. Which means we’re a non profit organisation dedicated to promoting a better environment for songwriters, artists and budding music business pros.

We run showcase nights in London with a friendly, family feel and a strong emphasis on respectful, attentive audiences that don’t talk through the sets. The Collective was initially founded as a response to the decaying conditions on the UK live scene for emerging artists: With the pay-to-play model becoming ever more prevalent and artistes being expected to bring in fans to venues to play for free without any food, drink or cash, we decided it was time for some action. We believe that if us music lovers pull together – artists, creatives and music industry professionals – everything is possible. The 360 deal can work, but only if the mouth in the the middle of it is the artist’s. We know we’re not the only people doing this, and we welcome and celebrate the other collectives springing up all over the place. It’s not just about musicians and songwriters taking back control of their career – it’s about music makers, music lovers and music professionals from all angles finding new ways to work together. We want to make sure we can all make a living and get great music out there and into the world’s ears – while making sure that those that create it are treasured, valued and rewarded.

Today we are about ethically run showcases; both formal and informal networking events; nurturing talent; making collaborative intros; and curating songwriting retreats. We have a full Pro Tools HD Studio full of a mixture warm old vintage, and new top of the range mics, outboard and instruments; and we can be involved in the entire recording process from start to finish for both demos and full on records. Many of us have been involved in the process of writing and recording a record from start to delivery countless times; and the rest of us have been had long careers in the bit that followed – whether label, promo, publishing or distribution.

We have a passion for great lyrics; for music that does something new; and music that does something old with style; great performers at the height of their powers;  and rough diamonds needing a little work. Just one or two shows a month in each venue to keep the bar high and a commitment to support the acts that play for us long before and after they hop on the Karousel. Musicians running gigs for musicians, with the backbone and common sense of some experienced record buying, artist loving independent music industry veterans: Sound good? Get involved.

Karousel Music is a bedroll and campfire of the soul in the concrete woods for great artists, songwriters, producers, engineeers and independent professionals based both in the UK and abroad: A come-and-go-as-you-please, merry-go-round of co-operation and feel good.


The Karamel Music Club, Wood Green

The Karamel Music Club was our original venue and is based in Chocolate Factory 2 where we have our HQ. It is a hidden gem amongst the the creative community nestled here beneath the majestically rusting gas towers.


The Northern Embassy – The Phoenix Artist Club Soho

Many of us have been friends with the Phoenix Artist Club for almost ten years now – it is our home away from Karamel and the venue for our music industry networking events, Friday afternoon album launches and monthly Northern Embassy showcases. It is London’s most eccentric, yet unpretentious members club. Friends of Karamel Music get a special rate for membership – fire us a mail.


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