Adam Levy’s new record available online

Our very dear friend Adam Levy has just released this tremendous record online – we’re racking our brains how we could get him over here for some shows in the UK. Fans of Ron Sexsmith – in particularly ‘Retriever’, and the eponymous album – will love Moving to LA – and there’a a wonderful hint of some Sergio Leone film about Silver Fox. Daniel Lanois fans will just love Adam’s stuff in general, but we’re DIGGING Hidden Charms right this moment, as this gets blogged and blasted onto the web.

Adam made his name playing guitar for Tracy Chapman and Norah Jones (those first two, huge records) and he’s got such a classic, and class-y feel to his playing – one of those guitarists that does so much when he’s doing so little. I always say I love it when a guitarist who doesn’t think of himself as a singer fronts a record – think of Richard Hawley, Graham Coxon, Noel Gallagher and Ronnie Lane to name a few.
In a world of X Factor bollocks, and clones that all sound the same as they splash vocal gymnastics over your TV screen (while Satan Cowell swallows their souls whole) we need artists like this more than ever. That’s a real singing voice. That’s a proper musican. That’s a classic songwriter. And that is TONE to that guitar sound! Amen!

Here’s a couple of tracks for you to be going on with, please do buy the album – it’s a snip – and support this brilliant artist. And we’ll keep you posted once he’s coming over!