Amund Maarud, Blue Rose Code and Folk & South at the Northern Embassy

Monday 24th March @ The Phoenix Artist Club: Soho Northern Embassy.
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There’ll be a fantastic menu on the night – our friends at the Phoenix do it for a special price for us – so don’t miss out. The food totally sold out last time. Famous Fish and Chips… and much more locally sourced, fresh produce.

Ok… The Acts:

///Amund Maarud///

Norwegian Grammy winner (twice nominated) Amund is something of a legend in his native Norway, hailed as one of the country’s finest guitarists. The first nomination came in 2003 for Ripped, Stripped and Southern Fried as the Amund Maarud Band. This was followed in 2007 with the bare chested White Stripes meets Nirvana-esque The Grand. 2011 album Electric has some delicious, meaty, fatty mouthfuls of the good stuff – there’s more than a little of the magic and mischief of the more raucous tunes from the Faces 70’s pomp – it’s like the spirit of Bad ‘n’ Ruin, Had Me A Real Good Time and Around The Pynth have made it across the sea on a fireship to Norway. The record went down so well, in fact, he bagged his first Grammy for it and hasn’t looked back since. Hot on the heels of Electric came 2012’s Dirt which feels like a happy marriage of all that’s come before. Your Star Is Fading is what you might come up with if the Cohen Brothers, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarentino tried to pick something for each other’s movie; while Honey Bee and She’s Never Happy could quite easily turn up on a Danny Boyle soundtrack. If Amund’s music was a circus perfomer it’d be the strongman with curly moustache and swimsuit lifting impossible tonnage as if it were a basket of feathers. A performer of raw energy and pure class… We can’t wait!


///Blue Rose Code///

In the whispers of Bob Harris, “Blue Rose Code is a major talent”. Time Out went one better: “Imagine John Martyn meeting a young Van Morrison and being shipwrecked with bundle of Chet Baker records…” (sounds like they’re plagiarising our KMC posters there!) If you go walking through the heather strewn google fields looking for Edinburgh born Ross, you’re most likely going to turn up lots of stories of an incredibly tough upbringing, and (a well deserved) triumph over adversity – but this isn’t X Factor and we don’t need a backstory: the music speaks for itself. North Ten is a blissful, soulful fruit tree of a record… shaking banjo blossoms from the guitar’s branches on glorious tunes like Ghosts of Leith and Julie; while the record in general is decorated with a vocal so warm and soft you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s been dipped in candle wax in a state of permanent melt. Songs like Skin & Bone and The Last Days of May are going to be on your summer playlists for sure. There’s a new record on the way imminently, and between the two albums you’ve got songs featuring the magnificent Samantha Whates on bv’s, Danny Thompson on Bass and many, many more. There’s nothing as sweet as the approval of your musical peers.



///Folk & South///

If it’s folk credentials you want then how about this? Steve and Jane are currently recording the debut record on a 45 foot solar powered narrowboat. It was a solo tune off Ramble (distributed by Proper) Old Grey London that brought Steve to our attention, a song so good you’d be forgiven for thinking it was written in the 60’s or 70’s by someone like Loudon Wainwright III. Following records as Blabbermouth and Steve Folk, Steve has teamed up with multi-instrumentlist Jane on flute, accordion and piano for the new record. With supporters such as Tom Robinson and Chris Hawkins at BBC 6 Music as well as Janice Long and Sam Walker, Steve and Jane have been carving out a place in the landscape as a duo that write songs with something to say, delivered with a voice that sits in all the right places somewhere between Boo Hewardine, Iron & Wine and Roddy Frame. Grab yourself the first two EP’s Don’t Look Down and Viva Italia. And if you’re really adventurous, you could follow them on their UK and Italian tours…


Amund Maarud Blue Rose Code Folk & South