Chris talks to Music Business Worldwide about Buried Treasure

Co Founder Chris Sheehan talked to Music Business Worldwide this week about our new label, Buried Treasure. Ahead of the first showing of Overshadowed, Kevin Lee Brown’s documentary about mercurial lost legend Matt Deighton, Chris talked about the importance of finding ways to give oxygen to great artists like Matt who have continued unseen by the industry, getting the cold shoulder despite 20 years of critical acclaim; and have gone on to make their masterpieces out of the spotlight.  We’ve always fought this fight at Karousel, and we’re as passionate as ever to find ways to support these artists and get a great team around them. Will the streaming services get on board to shine a light on lost legends?


You can read the full article here.


I believe now as much as we did ten years ago when we started Karousel that there are artists out there with life changing music already made, with the power to move, heal and celebrate, who make that music despite the industry moving past them – regardless of how little help they get. I don’t believe that people only want to listen to what’s on TV talent shows, or that artists are spent at 35. I don’t believe music fans at 50 only want to listen to what they always listened to. They may crave a genre they have settled into, but I believe they want to discover treasures they have missed in that genre, because that treasure never had an opportunity to be heard… I think that moment of finding an act you love with multiple ‘seasons’ like I did with Ron Sexsmith is the greatest feeling in the universe.  especially when you know they are still alive, and can still make more music and play live for you.
We want to hear music from people who have lived real lives, and have something to teach us. Karousel has always stood in part for that (as well as educating and helping young artists on their way.)
It goes without saying that we’re extremely grateful to MBW for giving us a platform.