Digital Tips #1


Patrick Ross, head of Digital Marketing over at Kobalt, pings over the first of his regular ‘digital tips’ for us to share with you lovely rogues. Drink ’em up!

PATRICK: Hello and welcome to my first “Digital Tip” here on the Karousel Music blog. This will be a space where I drop in some “top tips” for artists in regards to that wonderful thing, the Internet. So, expect a lot of Facebook facts, Twitter tips, and even YouTube yea-saying. Today, we kick of with the biggest and baddest social network, good ol’ Facebook.

If you’ve been navigating the waters of social media the past few years as an artist, you likely once had a MySpace page that you soon scrapped for a Facebook page. Life seemed good, and you were amassing your fanbase on everyone’s favourite blue & white social site. Then, Facebook changed things, amidst cries of, “How dare they!” Soon you found that your updates were not getting shown to people as they once were, and instead, Facebook was asking you to pay to reach these folks. I’m not here to comment on Facebook’s move (which actually makes sense) but rather give you a little tip to post out to fans.

Sp, what do you need to do? You need to enable the “Get Notifications” option on pages you want notifications to come through on. You can share this with your fans, if they want to ensure they never miss Facebook update. After all, they have clicked “Like”, so now let’s make sure they get the updates. Sean Adams of


///Patrick Ross/// is the head of Digital Marketing UK at Kobalt Label Services. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Patrick graduated with honours from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a BBA in music business. While still in school he started a web design company, Delta-9 Web Design. He has worked with a variety of independent record labels (Nettwerk, Albert Productions, & Theory 8). In 2007 he founded Delta Nine Online, a company specializing in web presence management for artists and labels. Specialising in social media management, digital marketing, and online campaign implementation, Patrick has been a leading light at AWAL’s digital marketing team before moving over full time to Kobalt Label Services UK.