March 5th – Jamie Lawson, Roger Davies and Fabian Holland

For our Wednesday March 5th Wood Green showcase it’s a slightly folkier angle to the evening. Tonight there’s a slightly folkier haze weaved amongst the line up. A first show for outrageously talented youngster Fabian Holland; a return from one of the best we’ve had, Roger Davies; and a corker of a set in store from the returning, recently signd and Glastonbury bound Chaz Thorogood. It’s free as ever, just click ‘attending’ on the invite so we have a handle on numbers. Looking forward to welcoming you back to North London’s premier songwriter showcase, and all for FREE!

///Roger Davies///

A bona fide legend in his native north, roger made a ton of fans on his first trip to the KMC. Warm & often very funny, wonderfully weaved folk songs that leave a golden sheen that shimmers over everything in the room. His infamous ‘beer belly blues’ crams 150+ pub names into 3 minutes and has spawned a t-shirt phenomenon. Recent slots on Radio 3 as well as various local stations are a sign
that the uk is finaly discovering this intelligent and classy artist.


///Chaz Thorogood///

Chaz recently signed his first record deal with nightcap records. While he did the best cover we’ve seen last year (his version of Britney’s ‘Toxic’) it’s his own songs that are making a splash. There’s a few leaves from bon iver’s book scattered beneath the tree, and a nostalgic breeze from that first coldplay album before they became half fat U2. Soulful, tobacco stained vocals somewhere between James Morrison and Ray La Montagne. Chaz has just been confirmed for Glasto, Bestival, Cambridge Folk Festival and most excitingly, The Karamel Music Club!


///Fabian Holland///

In the words of folk radio UK: “He’s not good, he’s bloody good!” and they‘re not wrong. A superb british folk artist straight from the Chris Wood mould – brilliant, classic story telling that invites you up to the fireplace and makes you believe there’s lanterns and songs out there, somewhere beyond the concrete leviathan. Think Skip James and Howlin’ Wolf on a narrowboat trip
with Muddy Waters. Fabian lives on a narrowboat, see? Geezer!