Matt Deighton Movie: Pick of the Week in National Press

The first press is coming in for Mother Brown Films and Kevin Lee Brown’s Overshadowed – Matt Deighton’s story.  So far the film has been pick of the week in the national press across the board. The film  received 4/5 in the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday; Critic’s Choice in the Sunday Times; Very Best of The Week in The Sunday Telegraph; and variously pick of the day or week in The Sun, Daily Mail, Observer, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Radio Times and TV Choice.

We’re indebted to our friends at Deviate Digital, particular;y Sammy Andrews  for the incredible love and support they have shown us in taking this campaign on, and Stef for all her help with the digital. We’d also like to thank our friend Russ Churcher at Viaduct for his help on the radio side of things – someone we’ve worked with a lot over the years. Special thanks also to Cori at AWAL – they’ve been so helpful in us getting everything up there and in shape – and we’re very much hoping the DSP’s will get on board and support us in trying to unveil Matt’s catalog to the world.