Milk & Honey this tuesday…

For those of you that didn’t make our first Milk & Honey night last month, here’s the deal: It’s a more full band type show championing the slightly sharper edges than the songwriter nights do. The entry policy is slightly different too, but with the same ethos – to give the artists a great show, a full stomach and some pictures of her majesty in their pocket. We charge £5 on the door (or bought in advance – advisable) and after we pay for the room hire every single penny of profit goes to the artists. This is the only venue we’ve worked with that charges us for the room and doesn’t provide any food or drink for the acts – something we’ve been trying to meet them about to see if they’ll buy into our philosophy. We’re hopeful that showing them we can fill their room on a Tuesday, bringing some consistently high level music (and some genuinely music loving people to boot) will convince them to support our model on what is usually a quiet night of the week. Let’s make this Tuesday a success and we’ll see where we can take it. We’re not trying to make money out of all this, we just want venues to be fair with the artists. Nor are we saying, by the way, that there’s anything wrong with promoters and venues that DO make money from the artists performances… as long as the artists are treasured and treated fairly. The Waiting Room is a cool little venue with great sound, so we’re hopeful of making this work for a long time to come.

In the meantime – click here for tickets – and here’s the gig info – we’re incredibly excited about Saturday Sun returning, they’re one of our favourite bands, end of:

Molly Beanland

With a name that conjures up images of Grimm fairy tale characters and movie heroines from the 1980s, London based singer-songwriter Molly Beanland is set to unleash her fresh brand of intimate tunes that’ll have you dancing one minute and dreaming the next.She delivers a voice as pure and true as some of the great British pop singers, like a delicious collision of Kate Bush and Liz Fraser. Strong yet fragile, full of heady spirit and earnest, emotional revelations. Making music by her own rules, taking inspiration from the likes of Rufus Wainwright and Elliot Smith to New Order, Eurythmics and the New Wave soundtracks that graced mainstream “Brat Pack” films, this eclectic, elfin smiled young artist brings to life a beautiful world of nostalgia, fantasy and sensuality. With her stunning lyrics and octave scaling vocal melodies, Molly manages to mix it in with a little innocence, a little sexuality, a little recklessness, and a hell of a lot of freedom.

Saturday Sun

Saturday Sun hail from Dorset and make music that is at once “delicate and demanding” – Daytrotter. Recently compared at one of our shows to Nick Drake and John Martyn heading towards a black hole with Muse on in the background… their sound washes over you subtly like the tide slowly creeping in; like the warmth of the sun on your back. There’s twists and turns, a building sense of urgency, a raw edge in each song. And a sense of power, weaved into the vocals – sometimes angelic in their falsetto, at times a gravelly near-roar of emotion. Their name, taken from the Nick Drake song, will continue to wield comparisons, but Saturday Sun’s mix of folk, rock and psychedelia lies more with the early work of Pink Floyd. Saturday Sun create a sound that is mesmerising and intricate, plugged in as it is stripped back and acoustic. It’s a sound that hints of Americana, folk, rock, blues and even grunge influences all melted into a sound that is pure Saturday Sun.

You People,

You People are a cinematic, psychedelic blues band formed and based in London. They take their influence from The Doors, Nick Cave and the bitter, intoxicating stories of Henry Miller. You People start from the swamp and evolve upwards.