Start Your Week With… #2

… ‘Wake Up The Moths’ by Matt Deighton.

The Huffington Post ran the below article much to our delight the other day. I spoke to Matt after the interview – he thought the Huffington Post was a small newpaper from a village in Yorkshire and was on the phone to them for about an hour chatting away! Ah, that’s why we love ‘im. Of course, he knows now it’s an online goliath. Matt is one of those artists that no matter how off the radar he stays and how far from social media he hides, people that know good music keep finding him. Those music lovers that understand what makes the greats great keep trying to sound the alarm… a very gentle, candle powered alarm. Caps doffed at Jason Holmes for being the fellow torch bearer in this instance, trying to get some light shone onto Matt’s catalogue. We’re going to be giving it a real go this year to make people aware of him – we’re fed up of hearing him referred to as a ‘lost treasure’ – let’s get him found. Kathryn Williams has been a star in trying to help make that happen, and they’ll be doing a gig together in Liverpool at LEAF on Bold St on March 9th. Wait til they start writing together… there’s a classic British folk record to come out of that, for sure. Let’s get him where he belongs – touring his records; recording more; and elevated to his correct status alongside artists such as Davey Graham, Bill Fay, Nick Drake and Bert Jansch. We hope you’ll all get involved in helping us make this happen.

The new record is underway – but in the meantime there’s a tremendous back catalogue that you can try root out on eBay or Amazon. One of our favourites, Wake Up The Moths was just reissued on thick, white vinyl (contact Matt on his facebook page here if you’d like one). Huge respect to Chris Topham at Plane Groovy for reissuing that for Matt. A man who KNOWS his vinyl! Failing that, if you can’t wait – click here for the iTunes link.

You can see Jason’s original article on the Huffington Post here. Follow him on twitter – twitter.com/@jasonAholmes
Matt (@deighton_matt – yes, amazingly he just joined twitter!) will appear with Folk Newington on 7 March at Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, Lincolnshire, and will be supporting Kathryn Williams at LEAF on Bold St, Liverpool on 19 March