Start Your Week With #1 … Saturday Sun’s new release

Saturday Sun release Orixé tomorrow – we just got our preorder delivered by the appletron. The guys live in a caravan on the grounds of a closed, derelict school in Swanage and they’re one of those rare bands out there these days that are genuinely doing it the old school way: living on bread and water and sacrificing for the music… constantly touring and writing. We’ve had them at several shows last year: they’re like ghosts that make the hairs on the back of your necks stand up, and then cut them clean off with a samurai sword. All of us here at Karousel hope this is their year. Given they’ve done everything off their own steam thus far you can only hope big things come when someone with some money gets behind them. This first video was shot in conjunction with our friends at sE who helped the band out with some mics for their record, good souls they are.

In the words of the Guardian: ” a Brodie’s Notes version of the Bends, if you like, or Buckley Made Simple – utterly perfect.”
Saturday Sun play St Pancras Old Church on January 29. Click here for tickets

You can buy the record here, and here’s a taster of what the guys are about.