Talk Talk and Fairground Attraction Bassist hops on the Karousel

We’re really rather made up to welcome legendary bassist Simon Edwards onto our Collective’s Karousel.

Simon has played on some of our all time favourite records – not least the phenomenal Talk Talk’s Sprit of Eden and Laughing Stock.  He has a CV that speaks for itself – pure class. Simon was also a founder member of the massively successful Fairground Attraction; and this is brilliant – was the also bass player in the Fast Show ‘Nice!’ sketches. Ace!

We’re looking forward to introducing this loveliest of guys to some exciting projects over the next few months – and we’re grateful to him, as well as all the other top notch guys on here for joining in the spirit of the Collective. For friends outside the UK looking to work with some legendary British musicians (and in some cases guys that played on the records you’re influenced by) this is a unique service that we’re thrilled to be offering.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk about hiring Simon.

Click here for a full list of people he’s played with.