The Magic Lantern – Blades of Grass and Bound For Glory

The Magic Lantern is enjoying widespread support on BBC6 Music again for his latest singles Blades of Grass and Bound For Glory. The new video and single has just gone live and these first two singles from the forthcoming album, The Reckoning Bell are getting a gorgeous response out there. (See videos section of the site)

Radcliffe & Maconie gave Blades of Grass a spin and said this about it on the link below:

From 24 mins “Bit of a feeling of The Unthanks arrangement towards the end there. I love that. The Magic Lantern ‘Bound for Glory’. That kind of piano loop and the brass band, The Magic Lantern ‘Bound for Glory’. Sort of optimistic, so I’ll play that for Audrey, who says can you give a shout out to my husband Paul, he’s just finished week 4 of his radio and chemo for cancer on the back of his tongue, which is exactly what I had. So we’re all so prod of what he’s doing so keep up the positivity. So Bound for Glory, Paul.” – LISTEN: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000yv5j


Then there was some love from Guy Garvey, from 38 mins: 

“I’m going to play you the new music, the new single from the Magic Lantern. The Magic Lantern is Jamie Doe, written and recorded by Doe while caring for his father with Alzheimers. Lyrically it examines what loss can teach us about love and how love’s many small acts give us meaning. It’s beautiful. It’s out on Hectic Eclectic Records. He was born in Australia before moving to the UK at 12 and Jamie adopted the stage name of Magic Lantern while studying philosophy at Bristol. He lives in London and as well as his own albums has released compilations with other artists, versions of his songs for the Male Suicide Prevention Charity CALM. This is the Magic Lantern and ‘Bound for Glory’ and I love it.” LISTEN: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000ydd1


Tom Robinson has been a long time supporter of Jamie, such an incredibly lovely man and supporter of musicians. He gave him a spin on 6 Music last night saying:

Tom Robinson, in for Gideon Coe: From 24 mins “‘Blades of Grass’ is the new single from The Magic Lantern aka Jamie Doe and it’s another stunning track from his forthcoming album ‘A Reckoning Bell’ due out this Autumn. And he’s due to join This Is The Kit on their 2021 UK tour in November. You’ll find him on Twitter @MagicLanternUK.” LISTEN: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000ymp6


The loveliest reaction for us though so far was from Jamie Cullum, who said:

Jamie Cullum: From 14 minutes“I’ve got some more new music for you now from the British / Australian artist now known as The Magic Lantern. It’s one of those artists that I put on and whilst there are references to other types of music, he’s just one of those artists who sounds totally like himself. I think that’s a lot to do with his singing voice which is so unforced, I feel like his singing voice is like his speaking voice, and that’s really the goal with singing is to in someways make your singing voice as close to your speaking voice as possible. He really does that beautifully. This is a really idiosyncratic track and much like the rest of his music, really really enjoyed this. Brand new from The Magic Lantern, the album is called ‘A Reckoning Bell’, it’s due to released some time this year. I’m definitely looking forward to it and from it, this is ‘Bound for Glory’… Favourite new track at the moment for sure. The Magic Lantern, that is called ‘Bound for Glory’. The album is called ‘A Reckoning Bell’, it’s going to come out sometime later this year. Really looking forward to that, and as I said, really original sounding music, especially if you’re a jazz listener, you can really get inside the musical intricacies of that but also just enjoy it as just a joyous beautiful piece of music.” LISTEN: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000xld1


It’s a matter of great pride to us that not just the best BBC presenters, but also musicians who are revered by other musicians seem to be connecting so deeply with Jamie Doe (AKA The Magic Lantern) and his sheer musicality, and the depth of humanity, spirit, wisdom and empathy in his peerless lyrics. He is a writer unlike any other out there, and a top, top class musician, arranger, and performer. What we need now are some more cracking placements in film and TV after he did such a fine job of the Cath Kidston Christmas ad last year… so… do get in touch – sync@karouselmusic.com

Jamie announces his tour dates for the Autumn later this month and has just been confirmed as main support for a superb act we love here at Karousel – news on that soon when we’re allowed to announce.