/// TONIGHT /// Thurs 12th Feb – Camden Barfly Karousel/SESAC showcase

The Well, George Wilding and The Capture Effect with our friends at SESAC – TONIGHT

/// Tickets are £5 Advance from HERE /// or £7 on the door.

Tonight we’re back in that great Camden institution, the Barfly, for our hookup with our great friends at SESAC. The event is the second of our collaborations with them – click the link to find out more about he work they do for bands, songwriters and music publishers. Thanks also to Mamaco who run the venue – they take very good care of the bands with a proper spread in the dressing room, and great sound – things like that make a big difference.

We’re opening the night with what we believe to be one of the great undiscovered young talents this country has. With the right support, we think George could go on to make some phenomenal records. Following that, the throttle opens and the drums come out… Two superb bands, The Capture Effect from London, and The Well, over from Norway.

100% of all the ticket money goes direct to the bands, so you know you’re directly supporting musicians when you come to a Karousel/SESAC night – spread the word, and see you on Thursday!

Have a look below for more on the acts…

/// THE WELL ///

For six Norwegian guys in their late teens, oscillating around one familial spine, a labour of passion and instinct has formed something very special. Born and raised on the west coast of Norway just outside the buzzing city of Bergen, the band is influenced by music from the past and the present, from Arcade Fire and Haim to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Epic pop, authentic and true, with the potential to have that seismic moment as AHA did three decades ago. Confident but vulnerable, this is a band that dreams big. Anthemic Nordopoptronica…



It’s a tonic to hear a band motivated to swing a fist at the world around them – these days it can feel like the songwriters of the planet earth have gone to sleep in a nest of their own self reflection, or been muffled by faint praise that takes the wind out of their vitriolic sails before they get going. In a society where the gap between rich and poor is increasingly cavernous, it is heartbreaking that the one group of people with the power to rouse people are sitting back counting social media likes rather than bringing the greed of the ruling elite to task. We should be giving all the support we can to bands willing to question what’s around them – who knows, maybe one of them will go on to start something. The Capture Effect seem to be a band in those early awakenings, we’re looking forward to seeing how they develop, and of course, to seeing them live for the first time. Inspired by a shared love of Nirvana, Bloc Party, Biffy Clyro, The Clash and all things David Fincher, THE CAPTURE EFFECT set about writing music that harnessed these influences while creating a sound very much their own. Indeed their name and the idea of incorporating news reports and samples in their songs came about after an amp picked up a live radio broadcast during rehearsal. The phenomenon is known as ‘The Capture Effect’ and the rest, as they say, is history.



We heard about 19 year old George Wilding on the session player grapevine from one of our great friends Mike Rowe. Having been played some of the tracks by his brother Stuart, who helped produce the EP, Mike took some time out from his touring with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds to play on the EP – high praise indeed. George’s more acoustic stuff conjures up the inevitable, usual and favourable British folk comparisons, but the more upbeat stuff on the Being Ragdollian EP has some real gutsy Kinks meets Syd Barrett about it. There’s a healthy smattering of Alex Turnerisms in there too – for a guy of 18 his songwriting is so honed it’s crazy. He gets all those incredible passing notes in between the chords that those of us that hide behind our capos (*cough* -Ed.) only dreamt of at that age. Intelligently put together, we’re really looking forward to seeing what George does over the next year or two, we can’t wait to float him into your lug’oles. It’s always a buzz unearthing a new talent – checkout the lovely My Backwards Head which he wrote when he was 14.