Welcome to the Karousel Music site, the place for all the info on our publishing roster; upcoming showcases and various Karousel networking events. We are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company promoting collaboration amongst artists and industry whilst fighting for a more equitable deal for creators and performers. A bedroll and campfire of the soul for great artists, songwriters, musicians and independent music industry professionals both UK based and beyond.

Karousel Music Publishing

Short-term 1 year rolling deals where you retain your freedom, and all ownership of your copyright. World class 5 star admin from Wixen Music, sync, passionate creative, and people that understand the process because they've been there. We do a good job? Rehire us. We don't? Give us the boot! Interested in joining the family? Search our catalogue powered by Cadenza Box by lyric, mood, instrumentation and keyword.

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Industry Networking Events

We run a series of both artist facing and industry facing networking events in London, and at festivals such as The Great Escape and Reeperbahn. We also run the near legendary (though we say it ourselves!) Music Biz Speed Quiz in Soho, as well as music industry speed dating events.